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20 Best Indian Whiskies in 2024

  • 28 May , 2024
  • By Sultan Khalid

In this article, we are going to discuss the 20 best Indian whiskies in 2024....

This whisky maker's shares surged 19x in a year; did you miss the party?

  • 27 May , 2024
  • By Chitranjan Kumar

Shares of Piccadily Agro Industries, makers of the world-known Indian single malt "Indri", has turned multi-bagger in the last one year...

World Whiskey Day | 7 lesser-known brands that are gaining popularity around the world: Check price in Mumbai

  • 22 May , 2024
  • By CNBCTV18 Travel Desk

Alcohol connoisseurs observed World Whiskey Day on May 18 by indulging in a splash of one of the world's most beloved spirits....

The Best And Most Underrated Whiskies From Around The Globe For World Whiskey Day

  • 21 May , 2024
  • By Uproxx

Locally grown 6-row barley goes into this peated and pot-distilled Indian Single Malt Whisky. That liquid is then aged in ex-PX sherry casks for aging before being bottled at 121 proof....

લિકર કંપનીએ શેરબજારના રિટર્નના તમામ રેકોર્ડ તોડ્યા, માત્ર 1 મહિનામાં રોકાણકારોના પૈસા કર્યા ડબલ

  • 19 May , 2024
  • By

લિકર મેન્યુફેક્ચરિંગ કંપનીઓએ તેમના રોકાણકારોને મોટો નફો આપ્યો છે. માત્ર એક મહિનામાં કંપનીએ તેના શેરધારકોના પૈસા બમણા કરી દીધા છે....

Peg yatra

  • 19 May , 2024
  • By Phorum Pandya

The world of whiskies can be intimidating: First came the purist who dropped a flavour chart upon us—it’s a highland with its full-bodied...

World Whiskey Day: 5 TOP picks under Rs 7000

  • 19 May , 2024
  • By M Suvarna Sowmya

World Whiskey Day: Whether it's a reason to celebrate World Whiskey Day or just a social gathering, the sound of clink and cheers is a must!...

Local Brands Domestic labels and Indian Whiskey Brands are establishing their presence in both the Indian and Global Markets

  • 18 May , 2024
  • By Hospitality Lexis

Industry experts are noting the rise of local brands, domestic labels, and Indian whiskey brands as they make their mark in both the Indian and global markets....

World Whiskey Day 2024: These Homegrown Single Malts Have Made A Global Mark

  • 18 May , 2024
  • By Outlook Traveller

In the past, traveling outside India often involved buying duty-free whisky. However, now you can purchase high-quality Indian single malt whiskeys without leaving your home. T...

World Whiskey Day- Top 7 Must-Try Whisky from Around the World

  • 18 May , 2024
  • By Nikita Toppo

World Whiskey Day, celebrated annually on the third Saturday of May and it honours the rich tradition and diversity of whiskey....