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Piccadily Distilleries to roll out more expressions of its premium brands in coming years

  • 01 May , 2023
  • By P Krishna Kumar

Prabhakaran Singh Hundal, general manager - sales & marketing of the brand, says that the the mindset of the Indian consumers are changing and they started recognising the Indian premium brands at...

Why Indian whisky makers are still struggling against foreign rivals — ‘taxation woes, varying state laws’

  • 24 Apr , 2023
  • By Yuthika Bhargava

While Indian brands are giving foreign ones competition, especially in premium whisky segment, they are held back by 'discriminatory' taxes & bias towards foreign players, say industry ins...

From scotch to vodka, drinks to try this weekend

  • 13 Apr , 2023

Weekends are fun, and we all look forward to partying with our friends and family. But, when it comes to enjoying with our friends, we go for booze with some delicious foods. If you are a responsible ...

Indri Whisky Price in Delhi

  • 08 Apr , 2023
  • By Editorial Staff

  Distilling of Indri single malt takes place at Indri, Haryana, which is situated close to the Yamuna basin and the Himalayan foothills. The six-row barley used in the production of this...

International Whiskey Day 2023: Indian single malts spice up heady mix

  • 05 Apr , 2023
  • By Nishtha Pandey

The demand for Indian whiskey has been growing rapidly. According to data published in 2021 by IWSR, which is the leading source of data and analysis on the global beverage alcohol market, 97.2 percen...

Whisky Live London 2023 review

  • 04 Apr , 2023
  • By Adam O'Connell

Last Friday, we attended this annual event in London, which allows attendees to talk directly with whiskey makers and sample unlimited expressions (responsibly, naturally). We’re going to focus ...

How Many Of These 7 Best Indian Single Malt Whisky Brands Have You Tried?

  • 24 Mar , 2023
  • By Tejashee Kashyap

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, you’re either a brand loyalist or have a rotating selection of whiskies to try. Ask anyone their favourite and a single malt whisky from Scotland and occasio...

Single malt whiskies under Rs5,000

  • 23 Mar , 2023
  • By Paul John Bold

If you love savouring a single malt after a long day at work, know that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy one. Whether you relish fruity, rich, or spicy drams, here's a list of si...

How to buy an entire cask of Indian whisky from Paul John and Piccadily Distilleries

  • 18 Mar , 2023

Plus, what is a cask whisky program, how does it work, cost of booking a whole cask of whisky, and suggestions for what to do with the hundreds of bottles of whisky after it has matured....

Top 7 Indian Single Malt Whisky Brands

  • 22 Feb , 2023
  • By

With a whisky market worth in billions, India is one of the top whisky consuming countries. However, as the consumers grow in numbers, so do the whisky produced within the country....